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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - Movies by You

Mar. 27th, 2004

08:22 pm - Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

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Not another teen movie. I thought this was going to be a sappy dorky movie with a <3 story ending; however, I was VERY surprised that it was non of those things. Taking place during the explosive cuban revolution this movie shows one girls need and desire to understand the REAL Cuba, not the Cuba that her rich family knows. Having just moved from America, shes an outsider to the girls at the rich country club and to the Cuban boy whos not sure what to think of this girl.
Of course they end up becoming friends (and later more) and entering a HUGE dance contest- and contest for the white population of Cuba. The dancing is wonderful, not stupid and you actually get to see their feet, which is a plus.
The ending which I wont say is not at all expected all though totally realistic.