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RUNAWAY JURY - Movies by You

Mar. 18th, 2004

01:34 pm - RUNAWAY JURY

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PG-13 - for violence, language and thematic elements

Starring John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman,

Rachel Weisz, Bruce Davison, Bruce McGill, Jennifer Beals, Nora Dunn, Luis Guzman, Orlando Jones, Jeremy Piven

Director(s) Gary Fleder


Overview from movies.go.com::

A man (John Cusack) on a jury in a landmark lawsuit against a gun manufacturer conspires with a woman (Rachel Weisz) to swing the verdict. Because it's such a high-profile lawsuit and there are millions at stake, he finds himself in conflict with an idealistic lawyer (Dustin Hoffman) and a jury consultant (Gene Hackman) who will do anything to get the verdict he wants.


Personal Critique: I thought this movie was intriguing.  I admit that there were some parts that dragged a bit in the middle. However, I thought the twists in the plot were placed very nicely. Maybe I’m just slow, but I didn’t quite see them coming as fast as I normally do ---and I’m usually pretty good at guessing. I was amazed by the all-star cast that just kept popping up in random places. While they do not lend an all-star quality to this movie, nothing to make it STELLAR, it still is a solid movie, neither GREAT nor HORRIBLE, just interesting and good. Worth a rent at least.