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This is a place where users can submit their reviews of ANY movies they have seen. Both reviews of the actual movie and of the DVD content are acceptable and most welcome. We know we all want to share our opinion with other people, so feel free to write your own review!

Movies are rated on a standard scale of stars, from 0 - 4.

The only thing that I ask is that when reviewing a movie that has recently been reviewed---add your review to the comments, not as a new entry. If you don't, I reserve the right to delete the entry and add your text as a comment to the original review. ALWAYS TYPE THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE AS THE SUBJECT! Another nice touch would be to add movie details such as MPAA rating [G - NC17] or director---nice but NOT necessary.

All previously reviewed movies have been placed in the memories section for back browsing.

Once enough members start contributing and joining the community, we will start hosting movie of the week or at least month competitions.

P.S. Try to keep it intelligent and not just "This sucks."

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